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Liberty Rent

The Story Behind The Magic

Following the Housing Crisis of 2007, founder and CEO, Bubba Grimsley, a practicing attorney, was representing families who had lost their homes and had difficulty finding a place to live because their credit had been damaged. The families were still employed, and still had kids in the school system and ties to the community, but they were unable to rent based on their credit scores.
“We were working closely with people who proved that your credit score does not define you,” he said. “We wanted to offer more than tenant screening. We were willing to guarantee our results by co-signing for the resident. If we said they would make a good tenant, we agreed to stand behind them.”
Now, Liberty Rent helps property owners fill units without risk of default, while simultaneously helping consumers find a good home and rebuild their credit. “We give our residents more than just a key to a new apartment,” Grimsley says. “We give them a key to a new life.”
Operating nationwide, Liberty Rent has helped secure homes for thousands of families.

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