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The Problem with Drag & Drop Site Builders

By now, you’ve probably seen advertisements for drag-and-drop website builders that grab you with catchphrases like “no coding skills required” or “custom designs without the hassle!” For a new business owner, it’s easy to gravitate toward these keywords, especially if you’re technically challenged and have a tight budget. However, the majority of our web design clients consist of business owners that wasted time and money on Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly and quickly discovered how impractical it was. Here are some of the problems with cheap website builders:

Limited functionality

Unless you just want an easy-to-use blog, a drag-and-drop template is not going to give you the functionality that a custom web designer would. Platforms such as Wix and Squarespace only provide you with a handful of features. If you decide you want to add a little something extra, chances are you won’t be able to unless you type the code yourself in the custom CSS editor. Already, you’ve defeated the purpose of using an “easy” website builder because, in the end, you need technical skills if you plan on getting creative with your layout.

Some website builders won’t even allow you to create more than one page. Without distinct sections and levels, you’re automatically faced with severe issues when it comes to your SEO, content organization, and the overall appearance of your site.

Generic designs

Wix currently boasts a whopping 110 million users. With just over 500 templates to choose from, chances are your website is going to look exactly the same as thousands of others. When customers visit your DIY website, how are you going to stand out from your competitors with a generic design? If you want to differentiate yourself from other companies in your industry, be prepared to pay for extra apps or features. When business owners come face to face with these hidden costs, the realization sets in that Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly were just too good to be true.

Bad for branding

Not only do DIY websites affect competitor diversification, but they’re also extremely detrimental to your brand. Customers are smart and they can tell whether you have a cheap or professionally designed website. If you’re not willing to invest in your company’s online presence, then why should they trust the quality of your products? A website that looks clean and aesthetically pleasing is much more likely to attract and convert customers than a generic Wix site.

Not user friendly

You may not like what I’m about to say, but there’s something you need to know about companies like Wix and Weebly… They don’t really care about you or your customers, they just want your money. The folks over at Squarespace aren’t concerned about the type of layout or features that work best within your industry. On the other hand, custom web designers take time to thoroughly understand your business, so they can appeal to the specific needs and expectations of your user base. This personalization allows you to showcase your products or services strategically, while also creating a positive customer experience.

If you create your website with the most basic, free plan, Wix offsets that cost by displaying advertisements all over your website. This devalues your business even further and causes disruptions for your customers that could interfere with their decision to buy.

Performance flaws

Compared to custom-built websites, drag-and-drop templates have a slow loading speed and aren’t mobile-friendly. Not only does this frustrate users, but it also affects your sales and your Google Search rankings. If potential customers and search engines have trouble accessing your content, you’re basically handing conversions over to your competitors, who actually invested in a fully functioning website.

Another factor that could harm your site’s performance is the flash technology that so many website builders use. These days, most search engines, mobile devices, and tablets don’t register flash because it’s so outdated. This results in a large number of people who won’t be able to access your website even if they wanted to.

Don’t be fooled by the “ease” and “affordability” of DIY website builders. In the end, you’ll discover just how much time and money you’ve wasted on a drag-and-drop template, as your business outgrows its limited capabilities.

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