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Your 2019 Website Punchlist

Happy New Year! Have you considered a new year’s resolution for your business and sales team? If not, your company’s digital presence should not go overlooked. It’s no secret that the days of the phone book are over. With that in mind, it’s time to focus on your best salesmen, your website. Some of these are quick and relatively inexpensive fixes. Some of them are urgent. All of them are investments that will pay off quickly. Make 2019 the year of the new and improved website—the website your business deserves. Whether you just need to add one of these to your existing website or it’s time for a total website rebuild, check our list below of key points to consider for your web presence in 2019.

1. HTTPS – SSL Encryption

Let’s keep those packets un-sniffed! Although SSL (secure socket layer) encryption has been around for a good while, it was not until recently that most web browsers and search engines started flagging your site as “unsafe” if you don’t have an SSL certificate installed. Don’t let something like this scare away your potential customers. Give them the comfort of their privacy by protecting them with an SSL certificate on your website.

2. Mobile Responsiveness

In 2018, the percentage of visits from mobile devices grew from 57% to 63% with the time spent on mobile devices also increased by over 5%. That is astounding and it should not go unnoticed. The bottom line is, if your visitors are painfully pinching and zooming their screen to learn about your services, there’s a good chance they’ll just leave your site and look elsewhere. So, be considerate of your visitors and make sure your site looks great on every screen.

3. Digital Advertising

Take advantage of the ongoing shift from outbound to inbound marketing with a custom digital marketing campaign designed specifically for your 2019 goals. We like to think of traditional advertising as a “shotgun” approach while digital is a “sniper rifle” putting your message right in front of your target customer – every single time. Whether it’s Google AdWords, Facebook Targeting, or both, our team can put together a perfect digital marketing solution for you and your business.

4. Visitor Tracking

Understanding how your web visitors interact with your site is paramount. Ever wondered which pages on your site are the most popular? Or maybe, you want to see how visitors click from page to page and see where they may be leaving. Let us set up and teach you to leverage the power of Google Analytics. Having a 360 view of all of your KPIs will give you the competitive advantage to convert more sales online.

5. Social Media Marketing

Give your audience something new to read every day. Interacting with your existing and potential customers on social media is one of the best and quickest ways to new impressions. With the advent of live video, polls, and even geofilters, the social media landscape is giving us more tools every day to give our customers the trending competitive edge. Next Level Studio can offer to consult here or even take the pain away with a full social media management plan.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With an estimated average of over 40,000 search queries a minute on Google, you can’t afford to not rank in the search results. Content is key. Our content writing team does the heavy lifting of keeping up with Google and other search engines’ algorithms so that you can be worry-free. Let the Next Level Studio team optimize your existing content or provide a total rewrite that is fully optimized for your target search keywords.

7. Get Back On The Blog

In addition to what you may be posting on social media, it’s also important to go into detail with original articles via your blog. Giving your customers free information that’s useful to them goes a long way. Not only does it establish trust and show the validity of your expertise, but it’s also one of the most powerful SEO boosters out there. We’d love to help you get back on the blog train or add a blog to your existing website.

8. Chatbots

These are more than little tinker toys. Chatbots provided by most CRM systems as well as standalone bots are becoming more and more popular and will seamlessly integrate with almost any existing or new website. With the ability to ‘train’ a chatbot to ask questions, answer questions and gather information from a potential lead, it’s a must-have. Give your customers the convenience they demand while eliminating wasted time on the phone with chatbot integration.

9. Total Website Rebuild

In many cases, it may just be time for a total overhaul. More often than not, this is the most cost-effective route. When building from the ground up, we’re able to put almost all of the above features into one awesome package. With all of today’s trends and technologies at our disposal, we’d be honored to discuss a website rebuild to turn your 1st impression into one that converts. Technology changes rapidly, as do design trends, so even a site that’s only two or three years old can look outdated and miles behind the competition. Customers are less likely to buy from an outdated site. That means they’ll be more likely to buy from your competitor who recently updated their site. Check out our portfolio or get in touch with us to schedule a meeting today!

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